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Edible Gardens

An elderly woman and a younger woman gardening together, surrounded by lush green plants in raised beds.

Agency on Aging Area 4’s (AAA4) Edible Gardens program installs free, raised-bed outdoor vegetable gardens at local low-income senior housing facilities and community centers in the greater Sacramento region.

The program was developed to reduce social isolation and lack of opportunities for physical activity among aging adults . The program takes advantage of our region’s long growing season to provide nearly year-round outlets for light-to-moderate physical activity, safe social interaction, and increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables. These gardens also serve as a tool to introduce CalFresh Healthy Living nutrition education and resources to garden participants.

Each Edible Garden is built especially for aging adults; we use Vego Garden beds, which are 32” in height for ease of gardening for the older adults we serve. The beds reduce the need to bend and are easily accessible to individuals using an assistive device such as wheelchair or walker.

The program covers all garden-related installation costs including soil, irrigation, starter plants, and gardening tools for garden users.

Are you interested in having an edible garden at your site?

Edible Gardens process:

  1. First, we will determine if your site is eligible for an Edible Garden.
  2. We will then conduct a needs assessment to collect participant input.
  3. If your site is eligible and site participants are interested, we will then move to garden location assessment and development of design plans.
  4. Then, we'll schedule a day to prepare and install the beds with the help of staff and volunteers.
  5. We'll then schedule and host a ribbon-cutting event and invite users to participate in planting their new edible garden!
If you’re a facilities manager or a resident/user of a senior facility and are interested in learning more about our garden program, please contact Brittany Lathrop at 916-710-8380.