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Board & Council Committees


    ​​Joint Governing Board and Advisory Council Committees

    • Area Plan Committee (Joint)
      Provides input for the development and implementation of the Area Plan and annual Area Plan updates, including the Needs Assessment.​
    • Grants Review Committee (Joint)
      Review and recommend applications for program funding under Requests for Proposals (RFPs). ​
    • Joint Program Evaluation Committee (JPEC) (Joint)
      Review AAA4 funded partners’ quarterly performance, address other contract compliance matters, and recognize outstanding achievements.​
    • Legislative Committee (Joint)
      Reviews proposed new/amended legislation and related budget proposals affecting primarily older individuals and establish legislative priorities that correspond to the Area Plan. ​

    Governing Board Committees

    • Executive Committee
      Comprised of the Chair, first Vice-chair, second vice-chair, secretary-clerk, treasurer-auditor, and immediate past chair​
    • Audit Finance Committee
      Works with AAA4 staff to keep current on program funds and audit reports. 
    • Personnel Committee
      Oversees personnel matters of AAA4 and meet at the request of the Employee Personnel Committee (EPC). 
    • Rules of Procedure Committee
      Receives and reviews proposed amendments to the Rules of Procedure. 

    Advisory Council Committees

    • Bylaws 
      Receive and review proposed amendments to the Bylaws.​
    • Diversity Committee
      Encourage diversity on the council and provide awareness through speakers and other activities of the needs of diverse older adult populations. ​
    • Executive Committee
      Meets before Council meetings to approve or amend the tentative agenda. Has the authority to act on matters in emergency situations. ​